Friday, February 18, 2011

Vintage Marie Antoinette

This post is in honor of a recent Marie Antoinette kick!

I'm a total sucker for vintage period films, I love the way they mix the aesthetic of the times they were made, with the period they are trying to capture. I recently ran into a new-to-me one the other day when researching some jewelry. L’Affaire du collier de la reine (1946)

Another vastly expensive movie for it's time it has some great costumes, and super hair! I love how they used some of the waving techniques and pompadours of the 1940's, and blended them in with the iconic Antoinette pouf. Leonard would be proud!

Another treat for me was finding the leading actress's name was Viviane Romance! Now there's a name for any neo-burlesque dancer if ever I heard one?! Plus, as a Vivien myself, no matter how it's spelled I always get a thrill finding famous people with the name!

It's supposed to be more historically accurate the the more modern movie "Affair of the Necklace" with Hillary Swank (some of the best 18th century costumes ever in that film though). The one downside is the movie might be tough to find, and even trickier for those who don't speak french, but for fellow fans of vintage period movies, we can still enjoy a little eye candy from the stills!


  1. I love this post! I remember the first Marie Antoinette film I saw was the classic Norma Shearer one from way back when. I love any movie about edge-of-revolution Versailles providing it has a great screenplay, fabulous acting and direction, and most importantly eye-seducing costume and set design. The French film "Ridicule" is a somewhat recent example I liked because it's more about the nobles' constant struggle for court influence. Thanks for adding another old film to my "watch" list!<3

  2. I love the Norma Shearer movie! I bet it was amazing on set in full color when they filmed it!



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