Friday, August 2, 2013

Bumbury Bound

I've managed to get it under control (ish) again, but I'm crippled with a long term Animal Crossing addiction. I've been shaking down trees (suck it tree), and digging up fossils since the 1st game came out in 2002. But the newest incarnation, Animal Crossing New Leaf has left me useless. I mean this time around I'm the mayor you guys! I can't sit back and expect Tortimer to take care of things, I'm dragging the town of Bumbury from forest squats to forest splendor! I... I... I have a problem...

So yeah this game came out over a month ago, so old news. But I've been playing since then so where was the time to blog about it going to come from? (That's right it wasn't.) After chewing my nails waiting for this game to come out for what feels like a lifetime, it ended up one of those great moments in life where fulfillment totally lived up to expectations.

This time around there are so many things to do. Muck about on a tropical island with actual real life friends (I still have those if they pay animal crossing too),  play hide and seek with my townies, build stuff, make clothes, and there are squeaky hammer toys! Yup finally a game that fully captures all the chores of my daily life in virtual life! 

Most of all I'm really enjoying customizing my town. Making my own little world to run around in, and clothes for my alter ego mayor Lady☆Bro, and pals, you have so much more control to make the game personal in new leaf. 

Also happy to have the game back on a portable platform too (pre-ordered the limited edition DS to enjoy this life suck in style!) it just seems like the most natural fit for the game. It's also kinda social now too. You can collect the houses of the players you pass in the street through street pass, and the device connects to various social media to share photos and bitch about townies building their houses in the middle of your carefully planned grand avenue (don't even try it guys!) with other borderline shut ins too.

So anyone else an AC mayor too? Maybe one day we'll streetpass from across a crowded room.

I started a little archive of animal crossing QR codes over on Dolly Daydream, and Tumbling my adventures on my little Bumbury Tumblr and with the Cheetah Gang (all of whom are hilarious!). And of course you can take a peek at my town in the dream suite if you like houses with lot's of pink. 
DC: 5700-2203-2275

Right guys, I have an illuminated heart dedication ceremony to attend, I mean work to do...

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