Friday, February 4, 2011

Tasty Teatime Treats

Had a great time baking with my mum! We made a cake from a new recipe she had picked up recently, and 2 of my favorite treats from when I was a little girl, Coffee Kisses and Melting Moments! They are both cookies of sorts, one filled with coffee flavored butter cream, the other covered in coconut with glacé cherries tucked into the top.

The Be-Ro recipes are all online these days. You can check out the links above and give them a shot!

The ingredients are all US friendly, the only thing you might need if you wanted to try them yourself would be a weighing scale. Caster sugar is just regular granulated sugar, and we always use vegetable shortening instead of lard, but you might be more traditionalist with that than me!


  1. Yay, coffee kisses! I just recently discovered these, but am totally addicted to making them - so quick and easy and delicious.

    I've got a great baking book you might like, lots of old school recipes, sweet and savoury, quick and complex - The Great British Book of Baking. It's published by Penguin and based on a BBC series. It even has "Welsh Cakes", which my nan used to make (though being Welsh, our family just called them bake stones), and lots of other fabulous cakes, biscuits, pies and treats!

  2. Those are so pretty! When I first saw the pic, I thought you went to a bakery. The melting moments cookies look like one of my favorite childhood treat- thumbprint cookies. We pushed out thumbs into the dough, baked them and filled the centers with different flavored jam and jellies. I've been wanting to make some so my little one can stick her thumb in the dough! :)Thanks for the recipe links!!

  3. So nice to meet another Coffee Kisser addict! I'll have to check that book out before we go back!

    Thumb print cookies are always so yum, They must be the funnest thing in the world to make with kids!

  4. (I commented earlier, but I suppose my internet wasn't working properly...)

    I've never had coffee kisses before, but they look really good! (Even though I dislike coffee!)
    There aren't many bakers in my family, but I do have a few fond memories of making traditional Dutch sweets.

  5. I've not had many Dutch treats, but the ones I've had have always been wonderful! Do you have any favorites to suggest trying?

    The coffee kisses seem pretty coffee hater friendly, my husband dislikes coffee as a drink, but loves the cookies too!

  6. Speculaas (a type of spice biscuit) are probably my favourite (also the most famous, though they're usually called "windmill cookies" in the United States); it's especially good as a tart crust with an almond paste filling. Boterkoek is also delicious and simple to make. (The name means "butter cake", though it's more of a square and mostly tastes of almond!)

  7. Those sound amazing! I'll have a hunt for the recipes and give them a go! Thanks so much for the suggestion!



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