Thursday, January 20, 2011

Quaintrelle Life

A lot of people here might not know, but the Quaintrelle Life blog is actually part of a bigger Quaintrelle Life e-zine! Started up in 2008 under the original name Fancy Girl. Covering anachronistic fashions, crafts and lifestyle.

Things got a little quiet on the main site, but 2011 is the year of the quaintrelle and I'll be updating each month with at least one new feature, and making it a higher priority again.

The first new article of the year just went up today! The subject is vanity sets! I hope this months article will have enough tips and advice to get everyone started a vintage, or even antique vanity set of  their own!
February and March's articles are already in development, so it's looking like a promising start!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wearing History

I've been getting that period costume itch again, the little voice in my ear that is always saying "panniers are practical, it's those modern narrow doors that are all wrong!" has been speaking up again.

It's no secret I love my fashion old, not just 1950's old but 1780's old and even further back! One thing I love about vintage fashion is how people, even back then liked to play around with styles gone by.

Hero to vintage fashion fans Christian Dior was a big dabbler in all things old school, even in his day. He had dreams of the Belle Epoch before the 1st world war where the houses and people were opulent and more beautifully dressed than in the world he saw around him. His house created some amazing period costume inspired pieces such as the famous Zumire suit which recalls an 18th century riding habbit.

Digby Morton made a huge splash in 1952 with his Tudor inspired evening ensemble.
"He [Digby Morton] designed a cocktail-into-evening jacket that is almost a replica of the swashbuckling sixteenth century jacket. Only the cocktail hour was then non existent they simply started drinking at breakfast!" 1952 newspaper on the collection
The glamorous Lady Alexandra was mistaken for royalty in 1948 wearing a Victorian inspired gown from Jacques Fath. Balenciaga also produced some stunning bustle dresses inspired by the 19th Century. 
"Style that hints at the classic and elegant forms of the past is a characteristic of 1950's fashion"
It's funny how we sometimes think of the current obsession with fashions past as a more beautiful style utopia, to be a modern condition. But I seems people have always idealized and looked wistfully backwards for inspiration. I suppose if any of us really were born back in the 40's-50's we might have been swanning around as fashion eccentrics in Edwardian hats and gowns! I know I certainly like to think so ;-)

Get the look!
Lately I've been getting my fix of vintage period drama with a few of my favorite designs from Candy Violet. My pink silk chemise dress, paired with the drop earrings and necklace in coral. Makes me feel like Norma Shearer!  For any one else out here looking to try out a bit of that vintage take on centuries past we have a sale on a few items this month to help you do just that! We have a selection of dresses and accessories on sale here 10% off till February 1st ! I hope you'll help us spread the word and celebrate centuries of romanticizing the past!


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