Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rose Sunset Soda

I've been on a terrible sugar kick since I got back to the States. Last night, inspired by a traditional phosphate I had in Philly (at the amazing and not to be missed Franklin Fountain), I put an Egyptian twist on a current favorite soda (orange juice and club soda) by adding delicious rose syrup!

Rose Sunset Soda
  1. Fill a 10oz glass 1/3 full with orange juice
  2. Add a dash (about 15ml 0.5oz) rose syrup
  3. Fill the glass with club soda
  4. Drop in a maraschino cherry
  5. Mix gently and serve!

The flavor is kind of like an Orangina with a subtle hit of rose at the end. This has become my new favorite drink! I think the main reason I love it is because it's not as sweet or fizzy as a lot of sodas can be, so it's really refreshing and light. It'll be perfect when Summer hits!


  1. Looks delicious!! Perfect for spring~

  2. Looks delicious, I must try this!

  3. Yum- that sounds so good, I think I'm going to have to run to the store for the ingredients tonight! One of my favorite fizzy, pretty drinks is "opal hush", which was often made by Pamela Coleman Smith, the artist of Rider Waite Tarot deck at parties for all of her bohemian friends. My mom is a tarot artist and she has a huge fascination with Pamela so she loves to make her Opal Hush. Opal hush is a lemonade and red wine drink- really yummy on summer nights! :)

    1 can frozen lemonade mix (please, no powdered mix)
    48 oz club soda
    red wine

    In a 2 quart pitcher (one that seals will keep it carbonated) add 1 can of frozen lemonade and fill ¾ of the way with cold club soda. Pour it down the side of the pitcher to release the least amount of bubbles possible. Fill the rest of the way with red wine, and stir very gently. Serve neat in a wine glass (with no ice.)

  4. That sounds like a really interesting drink! I wonder if it would be possible to replace the red wine with something else to get non-alcoholic version that tastes the same or close? (even though it would lose some of the history)

  5. Both of those sound really tasty! Ill definitely be hoping for the spare money to experiment with friends this summer :)

  6. I bet the opal hush would be yummy with sparking grape juice or cranberry juice!

  7. Oh yeah! I'll have to try that!



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