Sunday, February 27, 2011

Adventures in Perfume

I've been thinking about the role perfume can play for the quaintrelle at large. We have our spaces and persons decked out to the nines with old world glamour, but if there is one thing that can really draw a person into a time, or a mood even better it's the right perfume! It floats past and vanishes as you move, and it seals off the impression created with all those teased tresses and big dresses.

With that idea at the front of my brain lately I decided to start hunting down quaintrelle-tastic perfumes. Scebts that really fir the lifestyles moods of the quaintrelle, and stand apart in the age of plastic synthetic base notes and pop star branding.

Today's perfume is French Lime Blossom from Joe Malone

V-Day Dress Maggie Rouff 1944
It's supposed to be inspired by a stroll down the Champs Élysées, and it imediately makes me think of the fantastic photo of Maggie Rouff's V-Day dress from the V&A.

It's kind of fresh and powdery, with just enough of a vintage feel to have a kind of old fashioned nostalgia, but still smelling clean and young, which is perfect for todays quaintrelle!

I love the packaging too, it's simple and chic and reminds me a little of the glass bottles you find in a lot of vintage travel cases.

I've been pulling this one out a lot lately since the weather keeps flirting with warming up, and it optimism seems perfect for that post-war style we all love so much!

I've got my sights on a few other fragrances lately which should be fit for all kinds of different times and styles. I'll keep you posted as strike the next winner!


  1. lovely! the fanciest scent i have is an unopened bottle of Chanel No.5 (gift from my mother). i treasure it

  2. How lovely! That one is always a classic!

  3. I love this one! Have you tried Frederic Malle's En Passant? This is my absolute favorite because it smells exactly, flawlessly, like lilacs in full bloom in the summertime, when they are really powerful. Another recommendation is his Carnal Flower. There is a lady who decants tiny samples of all of his perfumes for about sixty dollars. I will try to find her if you are interested. I think good perfume is necessary to a beauty regimen, and that it is important to search for a scent that is perfect to your chemistry. As such, I am very excited to see what else you find in this thread! Cheers, Love!



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