Thursday, April 14, 2011

Adventures in Perfume Pt2

Continuing on my adventures in quaintrelle worthy perfumes I thought I should give a big nod to one of my favorite perfumers based out of good old San Fransisco! A while back I splashed out on a sample set off all the fragrances created by La Bouquetiere (about 23 in all) I'd been drawn in by the companies beautiful artwork and the vintagey sound of a lot of their fragrances. Their perfumes are nice and "uncluttered" smelling, and again no strange synthetic smells hiding in the ones I've tried.

My favorite 3 so fave have been...
  1. "Muguet" a lovely clean lily if the valley perfume which honestly smells just like spring to me. 
  2. "Embrasse Moi" which is ultra feminine and full of roses, this one really appeals to the vintage girl in me, I always feel like a 1930's socialite in it! 
  3. "Violette de Paris" is my other stand out love from the bunch. it's based on an old 15th century recipe and is a nice violet scent that isn't at all cloying like others can be

    So far I've tried the body creams (the form the sample set came in) and the roll on perfume which I adore. Sprays can be really unpredictable to me, one morning you get a quick spritz and smell subtle and alluring, the next day it comes out like a geyser and so strong you nearly knock yourself out with it! The roll on I've found easy to control, the other upside is it's relatively affordable and small enough that you can hope to get through it before it dies, and still have room for a few other fragrances to play with at the same time! Next time I'm feeling saucy I really want to try the rice powder with the 1900's powder puff, it looks absolute boudoir perfection!!!

    I'm excited to see what I'm able to dig up next on the perfume adventure.

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    1. I have always had a love hate relationship wuth fragrance.... I do enjoy the Demeter fragrance library from time to time...but that synthetic thing you speak of...yeah.. I smell it too.



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