Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Dressing Part1

Foxy Stole and Du Barry dress
As well as slowly busting out orders, new Spring updates are belatedly making their way onto the site. The first of the bunch is these 2 new dresses and one of my proudest achievements the Foxy Stole!

On the right the Du Barry dress is a 2 piece set inspired by the period vintage style featured in one of our earlier posts. Pinked crushed robings and lovers knot bows down the front. One of our most glamorous evening dresses yet!

Marilyn Chemise
The  second dressy treat is the Marylin Chemise, an extra vintage take on our popular chemise dresses. My favorite dresses from the 50's have always been the big party dresses with the sheer fabrics so I was particularly excited to be able to release this design today!

The perfect dresses perhaps with prom season coming up? Anyone should need ideas on a prom hair and makeup look to go with them should stop by  the Lisa Freemont Street Channel  to check out a great tutorial for just that!

All the new items are available from the Candy Violet store. We're in the middle of a bit of shuffle around  with the sites lately. We've moved the atelier items into the regular catalog (custom sizing still available through the custom salon), and will be re-launching Cute Salad soon with a whole new look and style so I hope you guys might look forward to that!
New colors


  1. Oh my word that red dress is amazing *want*

  2. Wow!!! I am knocked out and quite in love with the pink Marylin Chemise!



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