Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Photo Frame Tutorial

The last 2 months I wasn't able to keep up to the new article every month promise for the Quaintrelle Life site, but rest assure I'm back on track and have a long list of articles to write over the next few months! For April it's all about replacing the cell phone photo with something a little fancier. We've got a little tutorial on a DIY photo frame in the Victorian style that you can display, keep in your top drawer, or carry with you on the go! (Also with a saucier retro pin up style frame for those who like things a little lighter :p !)

Come visit the site to give it a whirl! www.quaintrellelife.com


  1. Very lovely. This reminds of of the tiny, metal double frame I have. One side has an image of myself and an infant, the other has an image of my father as an infant

  2. I just checked out the toot. Pretty clever!!!



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