Monday, April 18, 2011

Cute Salad Re-Launch!

When we first became Vivcore we had 2 labels, one for more casual and fun styles (Cute Salad) , the other for more fancy and decadent styles (Candy Violet). Over a year ago Candy Violet slipped into the form we now know and love, and today Cute Salad has followed it's big sister!

From now on Candy Violet will be home to our glitzy cocktail, formal, and vintage couture inspired items and collections.

Cute Salad will now be home to our fun and flirty pin up and day wear inspired items!  (with a boudoir store to follow shortly with expanded foundation, lingerie and beauty lines)
To celebrate the new look and feel over at Cute Salad we have several new items ready to pick up and play with! Our new Riviera shirtwaist set and separates! In the past we made dress sets as a great way to get a one piece look, with the versatility of separates. So you can wear it as a dress or a skirt and blouse.

For long time visitors, any older designs you might be missing check the clearance sale for any old stock, and I hope every one is enjoying and will continue to enjoy out trips back through time with both of our Vivcore brands!

 Introducing the new Riviera dress set and separates!

The newest addition to the revamped Cute Salad shop is our Riviera collection in a super cute printed cotton that could have been ripped out of a 1950s Horrockses line! Visit the new Cute Salad shop to find out more!


  1. So in love with this set <3
    Do you have a picture of the petticoats that you can get with it? I'm wondering what the lace and other one looks like! :D

  2. I do! they are the first 2 petticoats shown on this page...



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