Monday, May 7, 2012

Brooch Bouffant

If you collect vintage jewelry, you probably have more than a few vintage brooches constantly on hand> Now sure, the obvious place to put them is on a nice  frock, jacket or cardigan, but why not get a little more exciting and use them to decorate your vintage hairstyle too! A popular early 60's look, just perch it front of your bouffant or up do to add a little extra glitter a la Betty Draper in Rome.

The sparkle of a tiara and keeping retro without having to go all out princess!

You can just pin the brooch to the ponytail elastic, or you can follow this basic tutorial and turn your brooch into a hair ornament in it's own right!

(If you lack brooches there are some in the Vivcore shop)


  1. Hi, Just saw this post on the vintage life mag site: I love your blog and this idea. as I make my own jewellery I might have a go at hair brooches for an upcoming wedding that I'm a bridesmaid for. Thanks for the inspiration :) x

    1. It could be a great wedding look, also congrats to your friend on the wedding!

  2. They are great for that wedding look!



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