Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pretty in Pumps

Roger Vivier 1950's
If you're dressing mid-century, think mid heel when it comes to shoes!
One thing I really love and lust over in mid century shoes is the pastel candy colors that were all the rage back then. I also love the relatively comfortable elegance of a mid century mid heel. Not too flat, not too high, and surprisingly flattering, the shape of the shoe seems to elongate the leg. Around 3" in height, with pointy toes they are so girly, pretty and not half bad for walking around in.

For me when I think about 50's and early 60's shoes, I think of the amazing glitzy pumps Roger Vivier made for Dior back then.

My silver Annas
Vintage Vivier's are pretty much out of my reach, and I'm not always super comfortable with vintage shoes, which is why I ewas  thrilled lis past week to find the brand I get more than half my shoes from in the UK Kurt Geiger is now in the US along with their pastel 50's shoe collection!

The jewel in the crown is probably Anna, a mid heel pump with perfect mid century styling, in either Cadillac pastels or Vivier glitter. Me? I went with the silver glitter for right now. They are eye worryingly sparkly (which is a good thing), a breeze to walk in and the perfect accompaniment to any vintage style dresses or cigarette pant. I love them so much that there may be a pair in lilac or yellow for me in the future.

Candy Colors in 1965

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