Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Best: Back from the Dead

Forgive me blogger it has been much too long since my last Sunday Style post... After a rough year that lead to lots of stress, weight gain and hair loss, I'll be honest I hadn't really been feeling the stye. I was using clothes more as a way of hiding than shining, and felt anxious at the mere though of a camera.

 I decided this week was the week to turn things around and say "welcome back" to my old self again. I am who I am, and no matter what's going on in life, I think I'm a pretty decent human being. It's time get back out of the shadows. (Managing to score a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lindy shoes in my size was a helpful starting off point too, no matter how I feel about myself those shoes deserve some air time) So here's what I hope will be the first of many more regular style posts again!...

Outfit Rundown:
Cardigan: Target Kids
Top: David and Goliath (says Zombies need love too and glows in the dark!)
Trousers: Handmade high waist jeans with argyle denim pockets and turn-ups
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Accessories: Cultured pearl and gemstone necklace, Vivienne Westwood orb earrings and silk Moschino scarf (with a cute Olive Oil from Popeye design on it)
Hair: Not much going on really, rolled under "bangs" and an puff in the pack using one of my ponytail hair pieces for volume.


  1. So Operetta!! And I love the sweater - Em wanted it but when we went back they were all out of her size.

    1. Then we really would have matched! I could have done with a different size, but this was all they had. I got the hot pink on white one too.

  2. Gorgeous coord! And that statement has never been so true :) Thanks for sharing and hope to see more posts!

    ~ Kieli ~

  3. So good to see you back Viv, and I'm sorry that you've had a horrible time lately, but by the sounds of it things are starting to get a little better?

    I LOVE this outfit, it's a departure from what I'm used to seeing you wearing (full frocks!) and I think you work it amazingly (jeallllous!). Love the shoes the most!

    1. Thanks, I sure hope they are! Those shoes were such a find, I'm afraid of what will happen once they get worn out.



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