Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cats Meow

I looks like the wonderful world of fashion is still as in love with the glorious cat eye sunglasses as we are. I'm thanking my stars and squirreling away enough pairs to match every outfit, and to tide me over when the inevitable quality cat eye drought returns.

A while back Polaroid launched their heritage collection with handmade reproductions of their most iconic sunglasses designs from every decade they've been in business.

This week I picked up a couple of pairs in the Broadway style that has just the right mix of mid century glamor and late 50's wackiness! They are smaller than most modern styles, and the cut away scroll work is a nice change from the usual rhinestone details we tend to see on modern repros.

For anyone looking for a pair of period perfect sunglasses at a less than bankrupting price point have these and other Polaroid heritage shades at close to half off. I've been tempted by the Marylin style as well but they are maybe a bit too close to the Tres Noir Ultra Luxs I have in red... If you're out looking for some saucy new sunglasses ready for Summer, it's a sale worth checking out!


  1. Oh these are just to die for. I've always preferred cat-eye sunglasses to other.

    1. Same here! they are so flattering and distinctive!

  2. These are incredible! I definitely want a pair. I broke my last pair of cat-eye sunglasses and I was so sad!



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