Thursday, March 15, 2012

Carmen Miranda Feet

I have a case of Carmen Miranda feet! No I can't dance up a storm, but I am currently crushing on over the top wedges and platforms as a fun and fabulous accent to my retro fashion wardrobe!

As a style icon people tend to remember Ms Miranda for lavish headdresses stuffed with colors and fruit, but top to toe she was just as iconic for her insane platforms as she was her hats.

With Summer coming it's a fun time to think about getting some Carmen worthy platforms on all  our feet, and add some sparkle to our usual Summer shoes!

I'm currently rocking these new snakeskin and metallic wedges with pretty much anything and everything. They have heaping serving of red carpet glamor a lot of my usual retro wedges lack, which makes them great for evening wear as well as day wear. They fit perfect with a vintage look, but are a little different from the styles we usually associate with the style, and it's always fun to try something a little unexpected every once in a while.

So with that I say as the weather warms up, spice up your feet as well this year and keep your eyes peeled for the kinds of shiny, skyscraper, statement platforms and wedges that would have made our favorite Brazilian actress swoon!
(check out the shoes especially at the 4:46min mark)


  1. Those are fantastic! You totally need some of those crazy acrylic ones she had though. Does anyone even make those?

    1. I wish someone would! I did find some amazing wood soled ones that could have been blinged out to look just like some of her platforms, but I am still on a shoe embargo!



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