Friday, June 3, 2011

Pretty Things

One thing the cocktail drinker has far and away above the soda drinker is the accoutrements. The world just puts more thought into interesting ways to drink liquor than it does a good spot of fruity fizz.

I've been building up a collection slowly of more and more interesting items for our home soda bar, and thanks to my husband (with help from a good friend) I was recently introduced a mecca of retro glass wear that is perfect for the home soda fountain enthusiast, Fishs Eddy! Everything from tumblers and press-glass pitchers to super awesome printed paper straws.

Our 2nd package just arrived from them today (1st package was these wonderful lidded glass bowls for my birthday, good bye boring Tupperware from picnics!). We are now the proud owners of a fountain worthy straw holder, and a selection of pretty paper suckers to sip our latest soda recipes through

I'd been looking out for some more attractive straws to drop in our sodas for a while, and the local grocery store just doesn't take drinking straws as seriously as I do (just neon kids straws) but finally, I'm set!

We also picked up a fabulous turquoise glass pitcher to keep on the table for water, juice or ice tea. I'm still looking out for other things to add to our collection for entertaining with (vintage punch bowl set, and I kinda feel a vintage tumbler collection coming on) but right now I'm tickled pink drinking my rose Italian soda through a star spangled straw at last :)

Italian Soda:
  • 1oz Any syrup (Monin and Torani are the easiest to find)
  • 9oz Soda Water
Interesting fact about the Italian soda, it was actually invented in the US! It got it's name because it was mixed from popular syrups from Italy in the 1920's.


  1. Oh ....that pitcher!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh those are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for the link, I now know what my next mini-savings goal is for!

    So the straws are paper? I'm assuming they have a coating to keep them from getting soggy? I vaguely remember such a creature but have never seen one before.

    Will definitely be trying your recipes sometime soon!

  3. The straws have something to stop them going soggy, I was actually surprised how well they held up

  4. Hey, Vivien! Just to let you know I got my order today - the dress is perfect and the free gift is very beautiful, thank you very much!! :)

    ~ Elizabeth

  5. O-oh my goodness, those straws are just so cute!

    Postscript: I was looking through one of the Gothic & Lolita Bibles a few days ago, and I turned to a page with an interview of you. The first thing my eyes fell upon was "Strawberry Marshmallow", and I felt sort of happy because I love Strawberry Marshmallow, haha.

  6. So glad you like it Polyrhythm!!!

    And yes I LOVE Strawberry Marshmallow! In fact my love of the little books became well known at our local indie comic shop :) (so sad their weren't more of them)



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