Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Turquoise Tile

After a few setbacks (things like running out of tile and having it be out of stock for 4 months for eg) had made operation new kitchen run kinda behind, but for any one who remembers the project we got a bit closer to total completion this week! With thanks to a good friend of ours and his magic tile skills our turquoise back-splash is finally finished!

I'm loving the super shiny glass tiles with the red counter top.

To be honest now there isn't much else left to do, I still need to order the fabric for, and to sew up the window curtains and seat covers, but at this point that's just about it.

This has been the first room I've ever really designed and I'm so loving it! Dusty made it functional, I made it red. Can't wait to be able to do the grand tour once all the little things are done and in place. Watch this space for the finished photos!


  1. I really love that color combo, it always feels so fresh and retro at the same time. Sometimes I really wish I owned my apartment so I could renovate it.

  2. OMG...its just sooooo off the hook good!!!
    really awesome and fantabulous design job!!!

  3. This is just a fraction of the design! Wait till you see the dining/work area!

    I have to admit home ownership can be a super pain in the butt some times, but doing the place up is super fun!!!

  4. Wow, it looks so colourful and cheerful! I love it. <3

  5. I wouldn't think that I would like turquoise and cherry red so much together, but I just do now!

  6. Wow! I love red and blue as a combo, too! And your kitchen has a great balance of that striking red with the gentler blues and the neutral wood and white.

    Such a beautiful kitchen!

  7. I know this post is several years old BUT I love your kitchen. I am having my red glitter Quartz installed this week and just won my eBay auction for all my boomerang handles and my 2.5 round knobs with backplates. I was hoping you might remember the name of the glass tiles and wall color. I have been having a hard time finding what I want since I can't explain what is in my head to the sales people and THIS is what is in my head.

    1. We used the Lush tiles from http://www.modwalls.com/material/glass.html in Breaker and Vapor.It's so tough trying to find nice bright tiles so I totally feel your pain! The wall color was a Valspar one, I want to say Sea Breeze was the color, I found it by accident and its a near perfect match for those tiles too.

    2. Oh and we got the steel accent tiles from the same place too if that's any help



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