Saturday, May 29, 2010


It was my birthday this week, and over all it was a tasty one! Last year I was in Paris for my birthday eating macarons from Laduree, this year I was at home and the macrons came to me!

I got a big box from Michel Patisserie with 2 or 3 of each flavor they make!

I have to admit I fell in love with these pastries a few years back and am kinda happy that they are getting so much attention over here these days too. I know some people feel kinda iffy about the "mainstreaming of the macaron" with the fear that thousands of poor quality sad macarons will some how spoil the magic. To me however although a frozen Trader Joes macaron won't quite live up to the decadent treat of a hand crafted box of pretty little sweets in exotic flavors, it can chase away the blues on a night at home when you just want a macaron fix.

For any one who hasn't had a rocking good french style macaron Michel Patisserie ship all over the country, you can order through their website.

I love them because they taste great, look beautiful and make my day feel a little more special.

Right now I'm still working towards getting the kitchen finished, but I have a macaron class to go to early August, so I hope I'll be able to make some crazy flavored almond treats from my friends and family (and me!) once everything is finished for the "house warming" party!

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