Thursday, May 13, 2010

Drapes Match the Kitchen

A few weeks back I missed an auction for some crazy awesome 50's wallpaper. At first i was kinda bummed out I had forgotten to bid, but then I remembered that what I really wanted was fabric not wall paper.

The paper has these great googie illustrations of chefs and bakers in those wonderful mid century pastels and brights. I was luck enough to save some of the photos from the auction and have been busy trying to trace the illustrations into Photoshop so that I can have them printed on fabric later for our seat covers and drapes!

The web has a few services out there right now that will turn your digital images into usable fabrics, places like Spoon Flower are a great resource for any one looking to do a retro renovation, and just not able to find the fabrics they want/need. I know I hunted around for a fabric I loved, this one came close from Michael Miller, if it had been turquoise instead of green I'd have snatched that up!

There are some great retro fabrics out there for your home projects, and when the design is no longer put there, you can always DIY! I'll have more on our fabric once it's done!

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  1. that is SO CUTE! I can't wait to see your fabric. I've been thinking about doing this ever since Spoonflower started up, there are so many cool vintage fabric prints!



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