Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Light Fantastic

Some people go pretty adventurous with kitchen cabinets, but we're working on a budget which makes Ikea pretty much the natural choice. The fronts we went with are the Nexus Birch. The flat fronts are perfect for a 50's style kitchen, and the color is light enough to take a bold color scheme (turquoise walls and a sparkly red counter top!) One great way that we're hoping to bring some extra vintage flare to the cabinets is with these great fixtures from rejuvenation.com.

I instantly fell in love with the boomerang drawer pulls and the star back plates for the cabinet knobs, so 50's!

The schoolhouse light with the red rings will go over the dining table and should have a nice cheery feel to it?

The site also has some smashing Victorian pieces for cabinets and lighting, my favorite is this crazy over the top bat light

Right now we have our floor and the exciting kitchen building part is starting to happen. I can't wait to see and post the finished kitchen.

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