Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pick a Paper

I grew up in a house filled with wallpaper, then one day slowly all wallpaper left my house and the houses of everyone I knew, I hadn't really thought about the stuff for years, but now as we start redecorating, I can't get wallpaper out of my head!

I'd been struggling with the front room design, needing something as a starting point, and decided some swish retro wallpaper was the answer! I'd come across the Bradbury and Bradbury website a while back when I first started thinking about sorting out our bedroom (another project for another day!) and figured they'd have exactly what I was looking for.  They do a great line of hand printed wallpaper which in person are even more lovely looking than online, the layers of ink give them great texture and are so much more beautiful than your average wallpaper. Once the samples came in, it was tough to pick out the winners...

Originally I'd been thinking kinda 50's like our kitchen will be, but then the art deco Aeroplane kinda won over Dusty and myself, so I think that's what it's going to be! Add some fun art deco style accents and it should be a winner?
(The bedroom wallpaper is going to be art deco too, silver Volute!)

I'm a sucker for the 1920's-50's when it comes to houses, but for anyone looking for some great art nouveau or Victorian arts and crafts papers this is the perfect place to shop too! (pricey, but I'm kinda looking at it as art more than wallpaper) Now back to clearing out the kitchen...

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  1. It's actually really an ok price compared to some others I've found online. Granted, they were very luxe & based off of historic wallpapers from all sorts of famous buildings and houses... that would be expensive. But hey! A gal can dream, can't she?



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