Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Dolls

Been doing a whole lot of real life stuff lately, but at the same time got to play with some dolls again too! 

First up in honor of the season is the Halloween Dal a good friend asked me to make. She gets a new doll every Halloween and this year wondered if I could customize one into a cute spooky lolita girl. She wanted something slightly casual, and I maaaaay have gotten a little frill happy, but wrapped her up with a wooly scarf and earmuffs to make her a little more cozy looking. Dal dolls always look so grumpy, I figured she's the kind of charachter who wouldn't suffer the cold just for a bit of candy.

I was sad to see her go but happy she went to a great lady with a great home. Snapped a few photos before shipping her off still.

Doll number 2 is still Halloween for me! I know a lot of people will want to hang me for saying this, but as a rule I find anthro dolls kinda terrifying. I don't know why, they just typically aren't my bag. That is until of course I ran into Pinkie Cooper. Somehow that peppy little spaniel won me over.

I have the London Pinkie sitting pretty just as she came out of the box, but something in my head snapped and I had to customize another Pinkie into Isabelle from animal crossing new leaf. So I did.

Something a bit different. I love painting her big eyes and making her tiny clothes. Just before I had her finished a friend said she needed a pet gyroid so now she has a little Lloid the gyroid to keep her company.

That's about all the sugary horror i have for now, but there are more photos over on Dolly Daydream for anyone needing an extra fix.



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