Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I have kinda crazy tastes, and sometimes that leads me to style awesome, and sometimes to style horror. A little obsession that's eating away at me right now that could fall either way is the 1920's bullion wig. I just can't decide if they are crazy cool or crazy bad.

I mean I remember wearing a tinsel wig in the 80's and that was decidedly crazy bad, but for special photoshoots, shows, events etc, the bullion flapper wig unusual super hit hit or terrible terrible miss?

Not sure what I'm taking about? It's these glittery beauties/beasts....

From Timeless Vixen Vintage

From Antique Dress
V&A Museum
 Sometimes referred to as wigs sometimes as cloches these unusual and distinctly 1920's headdresses are somewhere in the middle. The great Sydney Flapper on Livejournal was able to shed some light after landing both a bullion wig and article on the article from the seller! The 1922 newspaper clipping did indeed talk of them in terms of wigs so I guess wigs thy were? Made kind of like a hat with real metallic threads for hair they could actually be made from silver or gold!

I can't help but wonder though, with their style all puffed up once again (times seems to have been hard on most examples and flattened them out considerably) could they be strikingly cool and glitteringly deco and glam? I know I love them as art objects but are they equally lovable as fashion objects?

I've got a mad desire to make one, but hesitant about spending the $$$ on something that could be doomed to be a sparkle disaster from the get go, though undoubtedly the making journey would be an interesting one!

How do you guys feel about the bullion wig!? Bring it back or let go?
Michelle Harper

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Soda Streamline

Yesterday was Sodastream shopping (RIP original Sodastream, you served us well over the years buddy), and after being in a bit of a fashion funk lately a perfect excuse to get all dolled up and head to the mall like all the cool kids do.

Been in the middle of a serious 1920's-1930's kick lately, I've always loved the styles, but found my equal love of all things 50's a more natural fit for my body type, which has had me shy away from earlier vintage styles. In the middle of my usually super mid century style wardrobe (which I realize I haven't been photographing much lately), this little outfit has been my main outlet for earlier decade fashion fixes! Mostly from a new collection coming out in a few weeks with other goodies it was nice to wear something new from my little studio again. Really excited to get some earlier vintage styles into my life, Not sure a lot of 20's 30's fashions are a super natural fit for what nature gave me, but I love playing out with them so who cares!

Outfit Rundown:
Blouse & Trousers: Vivcore (coming soon)
Pearls: Vivcore Society Pearl necklace in Navy with the white bracelet as an extender
Lipstick: Besame Merlot
Hair: A bit of a quick messy attempt, but curled on hot sticks and pinned under for a faux bob look (never enough commitment for the crop!)

Friday, October 12, 2012

They Let Me Eat Cake

Last weekend I got the chance to shake off some of my frilliest drawers, stiffest corset and favorite accessories from the Vivcore vault for a shoot with my best friend and model Kitty Lynne and the talented guys and gals at Capital Bombshell. The result is a candy colored rococo retro pin up shoot that puts some oo lala into the genre Du Barry was a Lady style!

Model: Kitty Lynne
Clothing, jewelry, fans, wig: Vivcore
Photography, Sets: Luigi Crespo 
Makeup: Jennifer Butt (you should see what she does with hair if we hadn't run out of time. Seriously, she's magic!)
I loved working on this shoot, and working on decadent projects like this. Can't wait to collaborate with Capital Bombshell again!

Want to make some pin up magic of your own? They are open for bookings, and I'm still selling the fashion!

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