Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Turquoise Tile

After a few setbacks (things like running out of tile and having it be out of stock for 4 months for eg) had made operation new kitchen run kinda behind, but for any one who remembers the project we got a bit closer to total completion this week! With thanks to a good friend of ours and his magic tile skills our turquoise back-splash is finally finished!

I'm loving the super shiny glass tiles with the red counter top.

To be honest now there isn't much else left to do, I still need to order the fabric for, and to sew up the window curtains and seat covers, but at this point that's just about it.

This has been the first room I've ever really designed and I'm so loving it! Dusty made it functional, I made it red. Can't wait to be able to do the grand tour once all the little things are done and in place. Watch this space for the finished photos!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


When life throws you the rapture, make Raptureade!

Some friends invited us over this afternoon for an end of the world rapture party. Since it's all about bringing your own drinks I thought it would be a good excuse for yet another new soda! I was trying to think of something suitably transcendent and this was the mix I came up with...

  1. 20ml Lychee Syrup
  2. 10ml Jasmin Syrup
  3. Fill a 10oz glass 1/4 full milk
  4. Fill the rest of the glass to the top
  5. Stir to foam and serve!

I suppose it is kinda of like a classy Calpico type drink but with a subtle floral hint at the end after the milk and sweet lychee.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Memoirs of Madame DuBarry

I've been on a crazy DuBarry kick lately, her film depictions her diamonds! (more on these soon) but most recently this wonderful 1950's book that just arrived in the mail today!...

If there's one thing I can't resist, it's a pretty book! I ran into a complete copy of the 1956 re-print of the Memoirs of Madame Du Barry first published in 1775 in France (and then banned). The book follows the 1777 English translation and comes in this wonderful dusty pink hardback book, with blue silk spine and silver stars tucked into a delightful marbled paper box sleeve.

Madame Du Barry the last mistress of Louis XV has kind of found a special place in my heart as possibly my favorite "character" from 18th Century Versailles. I read her more recent biography "Wages of Beauty" a few years ago and loved reading about her shoot to fame, and felt sad at her rather tragic demise. She was a colorful lady surrounded by so many colorful people in turbulent times.

This book I largely picked up because it looked like such a lovely object in itself, and from such an early source.

One thing that was a wonderful surprise to me when I opened it was the illustrations (I wasn't expecting any) there are several watercolors by Sir William Russel Flint, some with gorgeous dresses, some a bit more pin up courtesan ;P.

I know they say you can't judge a book by it's cover, but when it's a beautiful mid-century reprint, of a book that caused such a scandal, about a woman who was such a scandal I can't help but get good vibes!

I'm looking forward to giving this book a good read when I've finished my current book ("Little Stranger" by Sarah Waters, so glad I got that one in England, the UK cover is soooo much nicer than the US one)  For now though I hope you enjoy the  DuBarry pictures I'd not seen around before.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Topaz Fizz

The weather is warming up so it was high time for some new sodas from our home soda fountain today! This one is a great mix for summer, super refreshing and perfect for drinking outdoors!

Topaz Fizz
  1. Fill 1/3 of a 10oz glas with grapefruit juice
  2. Add 0.5oz (15ml) passion fruit syrup
  3. and 0.5oz (15ml Lychee syrup
  4. Fill the rest of the glass with soda water
  5. Add ice and a crushed mint sprig (optional)
The mint we planted a few years back always starts to take over our garden this time of year, so this year I'm planing to put it to good use.

I hope a few of you get chance to try these sodas out!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Vintage Princess de Lamballe

It's been a while since there was any vintage period costumes on this blog! So for all those Marie Antoinette fans out there, here are a few hand tinted (by little ol' me) photos of the lovely Anna Louise as the Princess de Lamballe in the 1938 Marie Antoinette movie!

The gowns in this movie were all designed by the marvelous Adriane. I can only imagine how dazzling the sets must have looked with all these amazing dresses walking around in full glorious color!

Like I always say, there's something so magical about period movies from the 30's-50's, the mix of the styles of the time, with the fashion history we love that makes such an irresistible mix. Glamor and opulence! I'm also a big fan of the costumes on secondary roles, they pop up so much less often so they are always exciting to see.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fashion Foundations

When I'm getting dressed on a morning, or for a night out I have a kind of internal check list as I go... Got hair all pined up in the best curls of vintage roles? Check! Ruby red pout? Check! Rocking a gorgeous dress? Check! Ready to go? Well kinda... The first part that goes on, before the dress, the heels, even the lipstick for me is foundations! it's a word that goes over my head about 3 times before I finish planing my outfit, foundations, foundations, foundations!!!!

Girdles and waist cinchers were a staple in every ladies closet back in the day. At some point (looking at you 1960's) they became a kind of relic, something people looked at as kind of matronly even. These days they are finding their footing again! They've shed that old fashioned stigma and firmly embraced once again as retro lovely! You can see all different kinds represented in pin up photography, and not only that but they give us modern gals that vintage figure the clothes just cry out for!

For me if it's a full skirted look I pull on my waist cincher for a nipped in wast above the billowing crinoline (smaller for everyday, huge for evenings!) for a perfect hour glass shape, and for straight dresses I pull out my long girdle to get that neat sexy wiggle and super sleek curves.

Shop Update
Recently to help celebrate the wonderful world of spandex and nylon curves I've introduced several of my absolute favorite girdles and waist cinchers to the Boudoir Shop! So if any one out there was looking for some new foundation garments I hope you'll stop by our store!

Monday, May 2, 2011

All Dressed Up

Getting ready for a magazine deadline which kind of crept up on me today which was a good excuse to get some action shots of the newest dresses at last, and a good excuse for a long over due style post!
With the Kentuky Derby coming up, and the royal wedding behind us, I haven't been able to stop thinking about hats hats hats! (and tiaras :P)

So for the photos I was making today I decided to go for an airy garden party look for one style, and a more dramatic evening gala for the second.

I love having an excuse to get dressed up even if it's for work. I wish life gave us more opportunities for a spot or "red carpet dressing" like the black outfit, but even if it doesn't we can always make our own occasions! And a nice garden party or picnic is in reach for all of us this time of year, we just have to find or make our own occasions.

Next big picnic or garden party though I'm going to be rocking the pink outfit, I already have 2 event's in mind that would be perfect for it! Right now I just have to send these to the magazine and I've added them to the Quaintrelle Life retro fashion plate collection.

I hope you guys are all finding excuses to pull out your best dresses this Spring!


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