Friday, March 15, 2013

Go Go Ghoulia!

I love my vintage, I love my Ghoulia, and I love to keep the 2 things as close together as possible! When Monster high dolls first came out, each character had such a strongly personal style. Ghoulia was my instant favorite (I was late to the game and got into them around the same time the wave 2 dolls were dropping) I loved her 60's Night of the Living Dead's Barbara style, and Thriller 80's touches. It seems the designs tend to go back and forth between the 60's and the 80's but as a vintage girl it's always been her 60's flavor I loved the best!

A while back I did a couple of custom monster High dolls dressed up in real world versions of their fashion influences,. A proper, elegant, lolita Draculaura, and 2 straight 60's Ghoulias. The 2nd one with black gingham trousers I sold, this dotty darling I kept!

She's found her way into my heart as one of my current favorite dolls, but I hadn't really had chance to photograph her until this week.

I recently acquired a giant printer/scanner for work, and aside from being great for digitizing my pattern drafting, it also prints out at the perfect size for Monster High doll backdrops. This little set of photos is the first with my printed backdrops, and one I hope really captures the retro geek chic of the lovely Ghoulia!

There are some more photos from this set over on the main Dolly Daydream site...

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

1957 Beauty Ads

You might remember an age ago me talking about collecting vintage catalogs (and now also magazines) for work research. I love pouring through the different styles from different decades, and figured you guys might as well! So I'm slowly starting to scan in bits of the collection.

 One of the latest bits of dusty old paper to come into my hands is a vintage hair stylists magazine from 1957, Pretty much everything is of course black and white, except for a few choice ads. I love the bright pops of colors with the monochrome illustrations, as well as all those delicious typefaces! Have to admit, I feel especially bad for the chick with crocodile hand.



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