Friday, February 7, 2014


My fella is in Austin right now where apparently it's even grey, cold, and sucky there. The groundhog gave us a big "F U" for waking him up and pointing him at early risers buy saddling us with 6 more weeks of winter, so I'm not expecting the sun to swoop out any time soon. But I need Spring already gad dammit!

Trying to shake off the dark moods that have been haunting me lately as well as the weather by making fun little useless things. like pin wheels!

I get a stupid grim on my face every time I check in on my Animal Crossing town and my hubbies mayor hands me a pinwheel, so I figure the other day when I woke up maybe it would be fun to give making one a go? I'm told most kids make these in school or at parties, but apparently I was a deprived child and never did. It looked pretty much to be a square of paper cut most of the way diagonally into triangles, then literally pinned to a stick. I had paper, pins, and sticks, so now I have pinwheels!

It started with just the one (red, green and gold one of the left), then had such a blast making it and watching it twirl,  I used up the rest of my ancient origami paper and wooden dowel stash on the other two. They now sit in a mason jar with some rice on top of my tea cabinet. To me at least they honestly look pretty sunny up there (I also occasionally pull one out and take a few turns round the living room with it for fun) I kinda think with a bit of matching bunting over the tea nook they would be perfect. Maybe if I throw a Spring tea party later...

Added a couple of tutorials on how I made these for fellow deprived kids of yore who never learned to the Quaintrelle Life website. there are some paper patterns to print out too for anyone who hasn't been hoarding a half empty packet of origami paper for 5 years.

 Might not be a picnic under the sun but might be just the colorful distraction we all need right now! (I'd love to see any pinwheels you guys make too if you give it a go)


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