Thursday, March 3, 2011

Decadence or Everyday?

Lately I've been wondering how much extra time/work does living fancy really take? So far the answer seems to be not much more!

Very often on my busiest days it's hard to find a moment to just relax and enjoy something fancy. Once I get into my work the most I can usually muster is a 10min lunch break and then my head is back down in whatever project is on the books that day till the rush to the post office with orders before it closes. Today I decided to enjoy my breakfast quaintrelle style, and see how it impacted my day.

This morning the usual bowl of cereal and mug of tea (from a tea bag) and quick half watched segment of morning TV was replaced with a pastry picked up last night, pot of good quality loose leaf tea and a book (work related but I love my work!).

The tea took the same amount of time to brew, it cooled quicker in the cup so I was drinking that before I would have hit the usual mug, the pastry could (and tomorrow will) be replaced with some granola and yogurt for the same amount of time.

Over all my quaintrelle breakfast took the same amount of time, only rather than trying to race past it to get cracking on what was next, I actually really enjoyed every second of it!

Even now as I contemplate doing the same thing tomorrow a little part of my brain is saying "decadence! You can't do all this every day!" Even though I just proved to myself it took no extra time or work. It's funny how we (or at least I) are hard coded into thinking anything fancy is time consuming or more work than the regular grind. The truth is it doesn't have to be, and usually isn't, plus this morning I'm feeling pretty good about the day ahead! It's amazing what a little bit of nice china and a teapot can do.


  1. You're so right-it really doesn't take any extra time to do something a little fancy for yourself. I really would love to try to put a little more decadence in my daily routine. I bed that I could squeeze tea time between feeding the cats and watching sesame street! *lol* I -love- visiting my mom on the weekends because she always busts out the heirloom china and blooming jasmine tea. We enjoy an inexpensive little bagel and jam or cookie together and feel extra fancy. I love your china pattern, by the way. I don't know what it is, but I adore blue china. xoxo

  2. That's about all the time needed! It must be nice going over to visit your mum for tea like that, can't beat a bagel with jam that's for sure!!

    The china from today was a set the Royal collection put out a few years ago, they do a different cup and saucer every year as a souvenir for the open season at Buckingham palace. That year was blue with crowns and motifs of the arts so I had to by a set!I wish they did more in that pattern.

    For the past few years now I've been collecting a set of different patterns, preferable cup, saucer and dessert plate. It's fun because you never have to chose just one patter, and you can match your cups to your clothes!!

  3. I'd love to make my life a lot more decadent and elegant, but it's really difficult- I live in a college dorm, after all, and that's the least elegant place to live!

    I have absolutely no idea how to make my life feel more elegant. In between classes and work, I can barely manage to get out of bed and put on clothes some days!

  4. This just makes me realize how much I need to sit down and eat more, most of my meals are eaten quickly while standing x_x

  5. I spy my new favorite book! I can't wait to order my own copy when I get a real address again. XD

    What are you wearing in that first picture? It looks so dreamy and comfortable!!

  6. Toriberry: College dorm life can be tricky, especially if you have to share a room, at least all the work will be worth it in the end though!

    waitingforoctober: I kept finding the same thing, especially around lunch time. It's nice to sit down every once in a while for sure!

    Becky: I hope the move is nice and painless! At least at the end of it you can have a new book to look forward to! The "dress" in the photo is the first chemise dress I ever made, I didn't like it so much as a dress, so I wear it sans sash as a nightie sometimes!

  7. I just started taking the time in the mornings to have breakfast with my hubby before he goes to work. Amazing what that little time makes a big difference for our day and our relationship.
    I also was drooling over the nightie. Can't imagine it as a chemise but man i sooo want that kind of flowing girly nighty for the summer.

  8. It's true that just using good china can make a meal more special~ And the pastry looks so good.
    Reading while eating a nice breakfast sounds lovely, but I've actually never been able to read and eat at the same time!

  9. Interesting post...I have noticed that our culture teaches that being frivolous( even if only a little bit) is a bad thing, yet when we add those little extra touches to make things special, it can make our day feel so much more inspired!

  10. Your pal magnolia here!!
    Love that you have such a wonderful and lovely blog!!! That 1st pic is exactly as I would picture your days spent......adding in lots of time spent behind the sewing machine!

  11. reminds me how much i need to get a few nice tea cups! i has none! D:

  12. You've inspired me. I'm off to break out the china!

  13. Hello! Boy, has it been a long time lol I used to be extremely into lolita, and followed your Livejournal, and just recently decided I very dearly wanted to get back into touch with everything! Its so wonderful to see how your style has changed and developed! I was wondering, does your livejournal still exist?

  14. Thanks so much for all the comments! I hope a few more people will start to break out he find china!!

    I feel bad I haven't been able to respond lately. I had to lave for England unexpectedly last week.

    Hi Sierra I don't really use my Livejournal any more, I have it mostly to keep up with a few communities but this is the blog I'm keeping these days.



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