Friday, January 13, 2012

Dresses and Dolls Oh My!

OK I'm back in the county, my body has adjusted back to the right time zone, so it's time to start blogging!

Whilst over in the UK for the past month (ish) we flew over for a few days in the Netherlands staying in the Hague. By pure luck one of the museums out there had 2 amazing temporary exhibitions running at that time with my name written all over them! A huge collection of dolls, miniatures and doll houses from the 17th century up, and a collection of fashion from the early 1900's to today, and their inspirations in fine art. Three things I love most in the world all together in one place!

The doll exhibition was the first bit we hit up. It really is amazing the details that used to go into these things. One of the first  things I noticed was a great Dior bar suit Barbie in all her 50's glamor. I love the suit in full scale, and it was captivating again in miniature!

A simmering fondness of Queen Anne dolls was heated up a little too. They had some wonderful 18th century examples all with their brocade dresses and fluffy wigs! One day I'd love to make one, but that's another project for another day.

The fashion exhibition was a real winner too. I loved seeing Schiaparelli's dresses and accessories in person again, and a little tableau of Vivienne Westwood gowns with an 18th century flare gave a bit of a taste of the recent Versailles fashion exhibit I messed. I never get tired of seeing beautiful silks in opulent settings!

Sure we had to walk over 2 miles each way in gale force winds and pouring rain, but I can safely say it was well worth it!

You can see more from the exhibition over on the Gemeentemuseum's website. XXSmall and Fashion ♥ Art. For now here are a few of the photos I managed to get whilst we wandered round...

(I promise a break from dolls next post and some more food inspiration instead!)


  1. Wow the exhibitions look wonderful. I love dolls and fashion and those displays look divine.
    And yes, making a Queen Anne doll is on my list too. I've been looking out for a suitable peg wooden doll to makeover!
    Great post!

  2. I have always been fascinated by small "worlds" - like for example doll houses. All the little details created by dexterous hands. It's amazing how much work was put into making everything your dolls needed in their houses way back in the "good old days"! Especially for the rich people. Here in Stockholm, Sweden, we have a museum that displays a few really old doll houses. I can stand there and look at them for ages, marveling over the amazing interiors! :) xx

  3. I wonder Traveler if it might be possible to make one from scratch? Part of me is tempted to cheat some and use clay, another part of my wants to get some wood and attempt whittling!

    Miss Meadows I would love to see that museum!Like you say there's something so marvelous about the level of detail people put into dolls houses!



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