Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bling Shoe

Dita Von Teese's closet
It's true that even some of the outrageous shoes of days gone by pale compared to today's spectacular skyscrapers, it's true also that  one big influence on a lot of modern takes on retro style comes from neo-burlesque performers and modern pin up shoots. Meaning period accurate, or fetish tall it never hurts to put a little bling in your step!

On my recent UK trip I came home with quite the shoe haul Some vintage accurate, some 21st century awesome!

On a more period accurate look I was given these beauties from Giuseppe Zannoti for Xmas. They have a more walkable, retro appropriate heel, the gold touches inside the the leather straps and the ultra sparkly crystal fronts to me simply scream Jean Harlow! I love these puppies and I'll admit they feel like a vacation to wear something so simultaniously glamorous and walkable! These may well be the classiest shoes I own, so golden age Hollywood!

For the more burlesque inspired side of retro styling I came across these crystal encrusted 6" high crazy pumps from Kandee shoes! They have that performance extravagance, and invite "how does she walk in those?" stares. I've been dreaming of a shoe like this for years. Insane hights, different sized crystals over so soft suede. Perfect! They even have glitter soles in matching colors so no matter which angle you look at them they dazzle!

I was so smitten I got them in 2 colors. Purple because it's so pretty, and green for practicality (in the quaintrelle sense of the word), and because it's insanely beautiful. The floral dress was a vintage staple, and with a nice pair of green shoes you'll always have the footwear to match your favorite floral frocks by picking out the green in any stems of leaves, it's also a color that compliments a whole range of shades, pick up some green shoes and you'll be amazed how versatile they'll be. On top of that what girl born in May could turn down emerald slippers?! Not I!

Nice shoes are indeed like red lipstick, no matter how blue you feel or even if you're having a "feeling dowdy" kind of day, throw either of these 2 things on and you'll feel like a star!


  1. I'm a shoe-oholic, so for me this post is pure shoe porn! Thanks, you just made my day better! ;) xo

  2. Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous! The Giuseppe Zannoti pair are A-mazing! Lucky you!



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