Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Best: Classic Curls

Started experimenting more with different hairstyles lately. This one was actually a rush job using my new hair piece! I'll hopefully have time to do something a bit more sleek and stylish next time, but still loving this thing!

Outfit Rundown:
point of style: Curls!
Dress: Sage Green Pinstripe shirtwaist
Jewelry: vintage pearls, vintage mink brooch
Shoes: Kurt Geiger
Hair: new hair piece and simple rolls to blend
Lipstick: Besame Coral


  1. love it! and the catalog page is awesome.

    what's the belt, though?

  2. Ah yes! I wear that belt so often I forget about it. It's an elastic belt I made a while back out of a buckle I had on a blouse. I hated it on the blouse so cut it off and made the belt. Been wanting to add them to the shop but haven't been able to find a buckle quite like it.

  3. How adorable do you look? And I love the catalogue photo-layout xx

  4. It's gorgeous! Sometimes the best things happen when we are in a rush or don't expect it!

  5. I discovered your blog today and I just LOVE IT! xx


  6. I LOVE this dress!! Is this what you made while the husband was away?? Also, I love how the curls turned out. Definitely trying this!

  7. Oh my...that dress...that hair!!! Superb!!



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