Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Foundations

We've added a few new foundations to the shop today to complete that perfect vintage silhouette! Long line bras with that "perky" retro shape perfect for sweater girls and pulling off a super hourglass figure, plus the perennial pin up favorite the full length girdle for a super slinky smooth vintage shape under even the clingiest of dresses!

I've been teaming up my bra from this line with the waist cincher lately for the pulling power of the 2 together love the results with my favorite belted in dresses. I hope you guys will enjoy the new items as much as we do here at Quaintrelle HQ!

Much of our boudoir shop items are items I've bought, tried and loved for myself (the only exceptions are things we make and love!) and wanted to be able to offer to all the lovely peeps that shop with us so they can get the most out of the designs the same way I have. I figure if I love them then hopefully you guys will too! I even got a bit of a kick when I started noticing some of these items (or something super similar) popping up in the Mad Men episodes I was watching last night.

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