Friday, July 8, 2011

We Can Do It!

My Hair is feeling a little sorry for itself lately, so I'm trying to lay off the hot rollers for a while, which for me of course means either dead straight hair or the wet set.

Curlers are a big faux pas, we all know it, pin curls are something of a faux pas too whilst they are setting, but sometimes a girl just needs a nice wet set, and has things to do!

Today I decided to take a desperate plunge before heading out to the fabric store and post office and Rosied up hair so I could get the job done and still have bouncy curls for tonight and the weekend.

I figured the best way to go was to really sell it as a fashion statement! With a scrubbed face it was all too Nora Batty, but I figured perhaps with a comfy period appropriate day dress and some red lips and eyeliner maybe I could sell it as a bold style choice, and get my work done nice and easy. I mean it worked in the 40's right?

The result... compliments for the ladies at the store! Might not be a look I'd rock if I was going out to lunch with ladies who do that but for a day on the job followed by a glamorous evening, grandma knew best! Sunday Best worthy? Not so much, but it might be a way to get those wet sets setting when we've got things to do.

I'm sure it'll all be worth it when the pin curls come out!


  1. I just love it. I often put my curlers in, but in the evening. I have not been brave enough to actually go out in them even with red lips. I had my hair all curlered up one evening when there was a knock at the door, a quick glance through the window before I opened the door, I sure was glad it was my friend and not someone trying to sell me something.... I enjoy the blog very much, you make my day.
    Take care, keep safe, stay happy
    Beverley xx

  2. What an amazing inspiration! I might have to try that! I never do a wet set because I never stay home that long...

  3. I dig the heck out of it!!!
    Once upon a time I wore my hair like that allot(no small feat..I have as much or more hair than my poupee!)!!

  4. J'adore! I, too, have been doing this of late. I find it is a great way to get the hair beautifully curled while I work so that I can be lovely as ever for dinner with my love, or shopping with the ladies. What pattern is that on your scarf? Do you shop anywhere in particular for them?



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