Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Best: Lavender Field

Things have stayed pretty hectic chez Quaintrelle Life, but I took a day to hang out with my fella, get some frozen custard and enjoy a break from the oppressive heat! Seemed like the perfect excuse to break out my new dress and try a cool Summer hairstyle!

Outfit Rundown:
point of style: Soft colours
Dress: Day dress in a vintage style print
Jewelry: Society pearl set (white)
Gloves: Dents
Shoes: Kurt Geiger
Purse: Vivienne Westwood
Hair: Basic pin curl set pinned into a false bob
Lipstick: Besame Dusty Rose


  1. I want a Vivienne Westwood purse...or anything...
    I get emo about it lol.

  2. Hi Vivien! I met you at the fabric store at Fair Oaks on Friday July22! I was wearing the blue and white polka dot halter and victory rolls! I was in love with the cute peach dress you were wearing! I never saw another vintage girl in Fairfax BEFORE! I love all your dresses very much! I make my own vintage plus size dresses, and I am SO excited to have met someone like you in my hometown! I invite you to please email me: mlcloset at yahoo dot com so we can talk about getting together and talking sewing! I also invite you to check out my sewing blog!

  3. Joie-Fatale: I pretty much felt the same way! Places like Yoox sometimes have wallets on sale pretty often which is a nice 1st item. It's something you carry every where and that always feel pretty good.

    Phsycho Sue!!!! So glad you messaged me! Emailing you right now!!!!



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