Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday Best: Strawberries and Cream

This weeks outfit started out with my new favorite shoes (which are designed to look like teacups!) and some strawberries and cream themed accessories! The red was a great way to brighten up my favorite black and white gingham dress.

Outfit Rundown!
Point of Fashion: Eating strawberries on a picnic
Dress: Daisy Cutter Sundress from Cute Salad
Accessories: Ultra Lux Sunglasses in strawberries and cream from Tres Noir, Society Pearls in white from Candy Violet, Strawberry Purse also from Candy Violet
Shoes: Teacup shoes from Miu Miu (I lovelovelovelove these shoes! High heels and teacup handles!!!!!)
Hair: Basically a ponytail today, with super easy bumper bangs using the wool hair rat like in the Quaintrelle Life tutorial)!


  1. Your shoes are so cute, were dis you get them/

  2. Great outfit! I love how you and your poupee match!

  3. What a lovely coordinate! I hope it's alright I mentioned you over on my blog!

  4. The shoes are from Miu Miu, they are an old design now but they sometimes pop up on ebay, just look for Miu Miu teacup shoes.

    I was so happy i had the poupee clothes to do a match, it hardly ever happens but I didn't know if any one else would notice!

    And thanks so much for the blog mention Zannid!! It's always an honour when people mention this little blog!



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