Monday, May 2, 2011

All Dressed Up

Getting ready for a magazine deadline which kind of crept up on me today which was a good excuse to get some action shots of the newest dresses at last, and a good excuse for a long over due style post!
With the Kentuky Derby coming up, and the royal wedding behind us, I haven't been able to stop thinking about hats hats hats! (and tiaras :P)

So for the photos I was making today I decided to go for an airy garden party look for one style, and a more dramatic evening gala for the second.

I love having an excuse to get dressed up even if it's for work. I wish life gave us more opportunities for a spot or "red carpet dressing" like the black outfit, but even if it doesn't we can always make our own occasions! And a nice garden party or picnic is in reach for all of us this time of year, we just have to find or make our own occasions.

Next big picnic or garden party though I'm going to be rocking the pink outfit, I already have 2 event's in mind that would be perfect for it! Right now I just have to send these to the magazine and I've added them to the Quaintrelle Life retro fashion plate collection.

I hope you guys are all finding excuses to pull out your best dresses this Spring!


  1. love the black, super glam. Though the editing looks funny in full view

  2. ka-pow!!! You look stunning in that black!!!
    Ofcourse you look great in everything shown here!!
    The little floral corsage is such a wonderful touch!

  3. Those are gorgeous! I especially love the shade of pink in the first one.



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