Thursday, June 10, 2010

Red and Sparkly!

They said it couldn't be done!!! (ok exaggeration, they said "it shouldn't be done") but we finally got our hot new sparkly red counter top installed and it's everything I had hoped it would be!

We're still waiting to get the tile and paint up that will set everything off in a red+turquoise retro perfection, but things are already really coming together.

I have to admit as soon as it was down I spent a good 10 minutes playing around in the kitchen admiring the sleek shiny red surface and got to thinking, what if I had listened to all the people who told me to consider something less, well, red? I know I wouldn't have been as thrilled as a kid on Christmas like I was when it went down, and I know if i was buying this house I wouldn't squee for an Uba Tuba counter top the way I would if I walked in on a property to find this lipstick colored wonder slab. How many other people feel the same way? I wonder how many people do decorate in a way that makes their place "easy to sell" but secretly want something much more fun, and how many buyers really want something much more fun too?

There was a story someone told on Retro Renovations about how they went to look at a house which had a lilac bathroom suite and were crazy excited about it, but when they went back again later the awesome lilac toilet was gone and a  regular white one now stood in it's place (much to their disappointment)

I'll admit when the time comes selling this place with all the colors we picked and wallpaper we are about to pick (sin number 2!) might be tricky and I might be eating my words. But there might be a young couple coming in and losing their mind over the sexy red counter top the way I just did and thrilled to have found it.

I do know one thing though, as the white walls a beige carpets slowly disappear from our house, I find myself wanting to be in it longer and longer, and my husband and myself are happier and happier decorating for ourselves and not so much for the next guys who are going to live here.

(Edit: For all the people who've been googling for red counter top photos, check out the newer posts in the decorating tag for some bigger better photos)


  1. I, for one, would be the starry-eyed potential homebuyer who would swoon for something so lovely and unusual.

    Anyway, you're far less likely to want to sell anytime soon with a home so wonderfully customized. And by the time you do decide to give it up, who knows? Retro kitchens might be the chicest thing going!

  2. The countertop is sooooo pretty!! And I know what you mean about decorating, I used to wonder if it was a good idea that I had weird painted decorations in my dining room. But when you think about it -- most people buying a house are going to want to redo it to suit themselves no matter what you've done. So why have bland they want to rip out, when you can have fun and interesting that they want to rip out?!

  3. I didn't knew that you had a blog, it is very interesting! I'm nina-tsukiko, from lj ^^

  4. Oh wow, that counter top is gorgeous! May I ask what it is? I live in a rental so I can't do anything so fun, but I can certainly dream!

  5. This is great! It reminds me a lot of Caesarstone, but it's granite, isn't it? Caesarstone doesn't usually sparkle like that. *works in a kitchen showroom* I've always loved the shades that surface manufacturers some out with - my sister-in-law wanted a granite called "Black Galaxy" when she redid her kitchen - it looked exactly like a night sky filled with shining stars! But my brother, her husband, wouldn't get it because of the resale value. I wonder if she'd be as happy to have that in her kitchen as you are to have this beautiful number?

    I didn't know you had a blog, either - I'm adding you to my blogroll ASAP!

  6. The first time I saw these counters was at the check out at JC Penney's. I fell in love with them. I'm going to put them in my kitchen with white cabinets and ORB hardware. Should look fab!

    Songbird April 24, 2018



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