Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cat Head Biscuit?

A few years back we were eating in a gas station/diner/place that sells kitschy fairies and knives, and the menu featured a "Cat's Head Biscuit" which was explained to us as "a biscuit the size of a cat's head" they were pretty good!

The other week we got our copy of Cook's Country and lo and behold a recipe for cat's head biscuits!

Sunday morning my husband and myself baked up a batch and they are super delicious. The size of our cat's head, and light and fluffy.

It seems the secret to getting your biscuits cat head size was to scoop the dough into the pan with a 1/2 cup measuring cup. You can probably try this super scoop with your regular biscuit recipe. but I can heartily recommend the Cook's Country one for a great biscuit. I'm thinking I might try some with raisins for a kind scone like concoction (proper English scones are more like what our American friends call biscuits than scones a lot of the time), or sprinkle some with sugar for strawberry shortcake. Either way I'm baking up cat head size from now on!


  1. I'm glad you tried them! I'll have to get a copy of the recipe from you (that link doesn't work, unfortunately, unless you pay to access the web site -- that drove me crazy when I had the mag AND the books AND they still wanted me to pay more for the site. argh!)

  2. Ah that's a bummer, but I can send you a copy no problem. Perfect for Saturday morning biscuits!

    We got a load of the books through in the mail yesterday after you had said about them, so many great looking recipes! I'm picking up some Jello today to make the stained glass cake from the 2009 book, it looks so festive. (and then a strawberry pie that looks vegan-able for some vegan friends on Saturday)

  3. Cool! I love the books -- really, I need to go through them again, we need some new dinner ideas.



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