Monday, April 19, 2010

No So Depressing

A goth friend of mine recently went nuts for black depression glass, and after getting to see some lovely Miss America depression glass my husband's grandmother used to collect (back when it was new) I've found myself hooked as well!

I've been looking around trying to find the perfect pattern and came up with the geometric Windsor pattern by Jeanette Glass company. I love the way the different angles catch the light, and think it might be the perfect compliment to my ever expanding tea set! Some of the pieces can get quite expensive, but I'm building a list of the items we'll need, and then it'll be like a treasure hunt tracking it all down!

<< I love this old ad for the pattern

There are some really lovely patterns out there, some have a kinda of Victorian or Georgian feel, other are fantastically art deco and modern. I love the bright colors they come in, it's so much more fun than just plain clear!


  1. One thing that's fun to do - pick a color and get every pattern in the one color. My mother still has the green set my great-grandmother collected (well, she'd better still have it) and it was so cool!

  2. That's a neat idea too! I love the green I bet you grandmother's set is something to behold! I wish I'd got a photo of Dusty's grandma's set

  3. My mom used to collect amber & peach depression glass, but I think she's completed her collection. Either that or lost interest in it.

    Actually, I felt terribly a few weeks ago because I broke one of her pieces :(
    She didn't seem to care a whole lot, but I was devastated!! Even though I sweeped it up, I'm still getting itty-bitty shards of glass in my bare feet :(



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