Thursday, January 3, 2013

Start Today!

Tip of the mountain
Looking back at my new years resolution list from last year, I was a little sad to see I didn't really hit any of them. Some I came close on, and certainly improved in most areas I wanted to, but nothing to a point I felt I could say "yeah! Tick that off!"

The trouble I always face with new years resoloutions is usually two fold. One is that the 'heck yeah new year!' feeling fades before I can really capitalize on it, and the second is that it's usually a lifestyle/situation issue causing the problems I want to resolve in the first place. That's why I decided before making a long term resolutions this year, I chose a big new years action! I still have long term personal goals, but seeing they are the same this year as the last few, just gonna file them under "life" and channel my beginning of 2013 of January motivation into something I can have finished in the 3 weeks it takes most of us to quit the gym. That action? Reclaiming my basement!

With this new space will come the ability to be more organized (every new years resolution box one), give me the space to work on bigger projects (box 2) and through improved organization give me extra time to exercise more (box3). In short when the clock struck midnight and 2013 rolled in, I was still the same person, in the same place as last year. I'm doing something big to make this year start off in a truly different, and once that domino falls hopefully so will the rest.

I'm also working on the usual "lose weight" "get fitter" resolution  it seems everyone else makes this time of year, and been focusing on weeding out the problems that stumped me last year. But that deserves a post all of its own.

How about you guys? Is there something you can dive right into short term as part of the new year to help set you in stead for the next 11 months?


  1. I am currently attempting getting fit via work out video and going to attempt Dance Central 3 for the Xbox 360! Both make you sweat, and are pretty fun. DC3 especially cause its dancing.

    I am doing Jillian Michaels' Shed & Shred which is only a half hour, and i tend to lose my attention span on videos that are over 40 minutes.
    the 30 minutes also make it hard for me to justify NOT doing it because it's a half hour...seriously, it's no time at all--that's what I tell myself.

    good luck on your endeavors!

    1. That does sound fun! I'll have to look it up, something like that sounds easy to get in the mood for!



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