Saturday, January 5, 2013

Shifting the Goals

Every year I make the new years resolution to improve my shape, and that means that after every year I haven't really succeeded in that resolution. This year like all the years before I intend to make this new start different, and count!

I'm doing a few things different this time around, 1st of all I'm keeping my gym membership but not making that the main focus of my efforts, and second of all I already started on this journey at the end of last year!

For me if losing weight was a good enough motivation, I'd have done it already. Focusing on weight gives me the promise of a thinner me in the future, but apart from that isn't filled with a lot of enticing promises. This year I'm focusing on dance. I want to get myself on the fast track to earning my point shoes and that is my main goal. I hope to reach the end of the new year stronger, fitter, more graceful, with new skills and accomplishments, and oh yeah, in better shape, but really that's a side effect.

Going to the gym for weight loss has always been a bit of a failing proposition for me because it's not something I enjoy, I can not hate being there, but I never love going. The only result I'm looking for is few inches here and there, and the only progress I can expect is being able to lift more or go faster at the same things. With dance (and in the past martial arts) Every effort I put forward helps gain me a new skill and tool to use creatively, and opens the door to more complex skills and wider possibilities. It's also something where I can see results right away, because I'm not looking at the scale/measuring tape which has a mind all of its own, I can leave each effort, and each week of training with new accomplishments that I can enjoy instantly. And while nothing can take away the joy of completing my first pirouette, in the past my yoyoing weight has always managed to derail my weight loss motivations and made the journey an emotionally fraught one.
I want do be able to do this!

I love my ballet classes, they are a highlight of my week not a chore I have to drag myself to. I want badly to keep up and be a valuable member of the school and can't wait to see what comes next as I move along. Finding a physical activity you love is the very best way to get fit. It makes you want to sneak in practice whenever you can. I practice while I wait for the kettle to boil, stand in a stretch poses while doing certain work tasks or brushing my teeth.

Since shifting my focus this way I've been infinitely more motivated to do even the classic workouts too. I want to go to the gym to get stronger so my body can keep up with my head in ballet class, and I've been able to target specific physical weaknesses and find ways to improve on them to get the the next level. I also have an at home workout plan I've started following for this end....

Start Instantly!
Through the ballet tumblrs etc I follow I ran into Back on Pointe. She's a girl trying to get back into dancing fit form, and has neat monthly calenders you can follow at home, and right this second! I've started  following along with January, and so far its been easy to make time for and feeling the effects each day. She doesn't tell you how to do each exercise, but I've been googling the ones I don't know. There are different options for each daily focus so you can find one that best fits your needs.

Having a defined plan laid out is a help in getting done a useful amount each day, and for the most part all any of it needs is a bit of space to work on. I've been doing a little on a morning as part of my shower, teeth, face routine, and again at night. It's been easy to slip into my routine, and hopefully something I'll be able to see results from since there is nothing to stop me doing it each day (no cost, no commute, and easy to find time for)

So if your previous gym relationship has been as tumultuous as mine perhaps you just need a more creative outlet to get in shape. I swear you'll be amazed at the activities you can find close to your house! Google things you think you might be interested in to find local classes. Look into classes held by local parks an recreation services, adult education programs and rec centers. Even here in the burbs there are a billion Tae Kwon Do schools, my dance school, even a gymnastics school no more than 5 mins from my house!

Most importantly of all don't let fear or embarrassment getting the way of being an adult beginner! Find a way to get active that fits your life, fits your interests and that can become the thing you look most forward to every week. You'll get fit that way without the gloom!


  1. I'm just passing by after such a long time and was delighted to see the new look of this place. XD I'm glad you are having such progress already and that you found a role model.
    *u* I'll leave this here in case you would like to try it. It's the 3333 diet. You eat your meals in this order approximately fist size serving of each: Fruits, veggies, then carbohydrate and protein. It's kinda odd to have fruit first in meals, but doing so balances the stomach acidity. It makes digestion better. Veggies to catch the excess oil, carbs and protein for energy and staying full longer. Keep the fat serving coin sized. When you eat the right proportions, you won't get hungry till 5-7 hours later. You will have to take bigger servings of carbs when exercising of course. It did great for my body composition(fat and muscle percentage, visceral fat)even without exercise.

    By the way~ I really enjoyed seeing your bjds. How are they? I really like what you did to your Monster High dolls. I almost thought that that was canon. XD
    You seem to be enjoying all those fancy clothes for a long time now. makes me want to raid my mom's closet. *u* You look sooo lovely~

    1. I might have to look into that as something to try, always up for anything with lots of veggies!

      My BJDs are doing well, I was just thinking the other day how i had started an outfit for Coppelia that was never finished. Hope to re-visit that soon. Also doing some stuff with vintage style boudoir dolls I hope to have something to show for soon as well :)So glad you still remember my little resin "girls'!

  2. Wow! This is awesome! I too have started and I am doing Jillian Michaels’ Shed and Shred, but doing this on top of that will be FUN! I always wanted to try ballet, but my parents (rather early on) labeled me as the quitter (if I didn’t like it, I didn’t want to do it again…but what stinks about this label is you never get to find out what you really love cause you can’t go out and try and as a kid, I feel like you should be able to try it all for at least a season).
    So now I am an adult and can invest in myself and FINALLY try ballet! Thank you for sharing this! I am going to do this!

    1. You'll have to let me know how you get on! I guess that's the one thing about picking things up as an adult, we only have to worry about ourselves and don't have to rely on anyone else who might say no.

  3. Oh i've always wanted to do ballet but there are no classes in my part of the city and the buses are a nightmare to navigate here so it's a bit of a pipe dream!

    I have a fledgling lingerie blog over at and it would mean a lot to me, if it was your kind of thing, if you'd check it out. Thank you!



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