Thursday, January 20, 2011

Quaintrelle Life

A lot of people here might not know, but the Quaintrelle Life blog is actually part of a bigger Quaintrelle Life e-zine! Started up in 2008 under the original name Fancy Girl. Covering anachronistic fashions, crafts and lifestyle.

Things got a little quiet on the main site, but 2011 is the year of the quaintrelle and I'll be updating each month with at least one new feature, and making it a higher priority again.

The first new article of the year just went up today! The subject is vanity sets! I hope this months article will have enough tips and advice to get everyone started a vintage, or even antique vanity set of  their own!
February and March's articles are already in development, so it's looking like a promising start!


  1. Hey~ I found this site recently, and it reminded me of the article you have on quaintrellelife on antique vanities. It's called the Victorian Trading Co. and it stocks many Victorian and other era-inspired things, including vanity must-haves, like those hair-catchers! Here is a link:

  2. I really loved this article, it has inspired me to stay strong with my plan to turn my junky spare room into a delicate rococo haven! I head off to one of the local antique malls to start sizing up what i can get :)

  3. Victorian Trading Co have so many wonderful things! Thanks for the link!

    The rococo room idea sounds great plum! You'll have to let me know if you have any photos of it finished when you do!

  4. absolutely! i think when i start up my new blog i might track the progress on it :) first up is my jewelry armoires makeover!



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