Friday, February 15, 2013

Faking the Fringe

You probably didn't know that before there was a Quaintrelle Life blog, there was a Quaintrelle Life site! Blogs can be tough to brows when you are looking for a specific tutorial, how to, or feature, so I've been collecting and writing more in depth pieces over at Though left untouched for a while, a few months ago I gave the site a facelift ready to start updating again, and today the first new tutorial went up!

I have a long time love of Bettie bangs, i think they are just the right mix of retro sexy and retro cute. I don't however really have the hair to pull them off (they are always gappy and thin, yuck!)  and a also suffer greatly from commitment issues with hair (which you'll notice if you follow the link in a second...) So obviously I'm going to have to fake it if i want to enjoy the style! And fake it I do. It is possible to buy clip in bangs, but if you, like me have awkward colored hair, or are OCD about every tiny detail, then going DIY is the best option!

I made myself a set of clip in bangs in a Bettie page style, and now have a tutorial up on the QL website for anyone looking to do the same! making them is super easy to do, and because you'll have hair wefts left over, less expensive than buying a set pre-made (more tutorials for the left over hair weft to follow)

The clip ins are the secret of how I managed to get from this 1st style to the 2nd in 5 minutes instead of 5 months!

Try out the tutorial and start faking the fringe yourself!


  1. Great tutorial - I love this idea and might just have to try it myself! You look fabulous too, by the way.

  2. Hiya - I've loved your site for ages, and have finally managed to find it again after two computer changes (because yes, I am one of these clever people who can't live without bookmarks...), and your site links don't seem to be working :( It keeps saying invalid host-domain and stuff - is it down at the moment?

    1. Thanks, it's back up! Looks like there was some trouble with that one when we switched over to new hosts, everything should be fixed and back up again now

  3. I LOVE your style. You are talented!



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