Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Perfumed Court

If there is one place on earth synonymous with elegance and decadence, it's Versailles! So perhaps when looking for a perfume that exudes these things you can't go far wrong with the perfumes the players of versailles themselves would have worn!

The good people at Perfums des Beaux Arts have made this perfectly possible for us courtly pretenders with their "Perfumed Court" collection. Most of the fragrances are now sadly discontinued, but some gems still linger!

The scents are a little heavier than todays more modern fruity fragrances, but for the quaintrelle out of time, that can only really be a plus?

Eau de Trianon is the lightests of the bunch currently available. Created back in the day for Marie Antoinette when she was spending her days around her favorite little palace, you really feel like you should be skipping through the grounds of her favorite the Petit Trianon when you wear it. I have a small bottle of this one and it's a great way to play make believe just like she did! It's has a touch of innocence and a whole lot of queen!

Eau de Coquette is a rather sensual, but not overly heavy scent originally created for the infamous Madame DuBarry. Like her it's rather sexy, a little playful bu pure decadence. I love to dab this one on when I'm running around on an evening dripping in diamonds real or faked, just like my favorite face from the Versailles roster!

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