Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Quick Pin Up Fix!

This time of year is about as hectic as it get's for me, working in the wonderful world of handmade retail over the holiday season means I pretty much eat, drink tea, work, and sleep from Thanksgiving through Xmas. On top of that we've had a lot of travel the past few months making a busy time even crazier!

A girl can get tired of looking at her worn out face in the mirror at times like these, and that's when you need a nice fast easy glamour fix that won't eat into your work time! For me that fix is the good old faux bumper bang. It takes seconds, looks pin up fab, and requires very little prep!

To get the look all you need is:
  • 3 bobby pins
  • A splash of water
  • Hair spray
  • 1 min extra time before bed!

The Styling:
  1. The night before separate out a small section in the front you want to curl into your bangs.
  2. Dampen the section with a bit of water
  3. Put the section in 3 (maybe more if you're blessed with thick hair) standing pin curls.
  4. A fast way to do these is to roll your hair around a smooth tube (I use a Besame lip gloss) slip the "tube" out and pin with a bobby pin so it sits as if it had a roller in it.
  5. Wake up!
  6. Take out the bobby pins
  7. Gently brush the curls over your hand and roll up under itself
  8. Arrange the bangs to suit your face
  9. Spray with liberal amounts of hair spray
Leave the rest of your hair down, throw it in a ponytail, do whatever! The whole thing including setting your hair the evening before takes less than 5 minutes, but you'll look like you had time dress up even if you didn't!

It's also a pretty fun way to play with bangs without having to make the commitment of cutting them in.

Usually it comes out much fuller, but the day you set up to take photos is always the day things fall a little flat.


  1. Oooh great idea. I made a rat out of a hair donut to do this and it is too big for me. So I'm going to try it this way :) xx

  2. So cute I'll have to give it a try one of these days.

  3. Oh my hair is too long for this style.

  4. Now that I have long hair and don't want to sacrifice any to scissors I've been wondering how I can mimic bangs. I have to try this!



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