Monday, September 26, 2011

Bring Your Own Bar (booze free post)

Everyone here knows I like things fancy, what a lot of people might not know is that I'm a long standing straight edge girl, and that means I also like my music fast and loud, and living my life sans all recreational drugs. Which of course (and you'll be surprised how often I've had to clarify this) means no booze.

This in mind people might be surprised at my latest purchase, a portable bar set! I ran into this little beauty on Etsy the other week, and knew I had to have it. Now before you all yell "sell out!" here's why this might be one of the best buys I've made in a while...

As an adult when you go to a party there will always be a careful selection of alcoholic beverages, beer, wine, spirits, and on the non alcoholic front, there is usually what ever the kids drink left in the fridge.

Now I like my soda sophisticated, I still want an exciting flavor that isn't run of the mill come cocktail hour, I still like fanciness, I still like to walk around sipping some exquisite drink. I just need to bring my own.

The set is obviously perfectly portable, the retro style goes well with my outfits, and the gleaming gold lids and velvet interior just scream after dark decadence. Into each bottle I can mix up a cordial of syrups, juices and bitters to bring along up to 4 fantastic drinks mixes. The shot glasses on top are just the right measure for the amount of syrup needed to make a standard glass of soda, all it needs is to be measured out into it's own shot glass, poured into a highball, add the club soda, and BAM! No more Sprite at a cocktail party!

The bottles can also hold the mixes at home as part of my drug free cocktail bar, score!

(another nice side point as a straight edge girl, is that buying a set like this vintage, not even the cash spent on glassware goes towards any part of the liquor industry)


  1. I think it's essential for everyone to have a cocktail set. Mixed drinks include the virgin kind, you know!

  2. I agree, they can open up a whole world of entertaining (and of excuses to get dressed up!) I'm slowly working on building a full set to meet our slightly modified needs, it's exciting!

  3. Brilliant! I usually drink alcoholic beverages at parties b/c I don't like Sprite. If I have more than one in most cases, I just throw up. I must be completely allergic to alcohol. You've now inspired me to enjoy a fancy beverage without consequences.

  4. Eeek! If you eve need any mocktail inspiration I've been posting a few drink recipes under the soda fountain tag
    Should have a few more to add too shortly!

  5. I like it at parties, when there is *something* interesting (Coke and cheapo orange juice don't count) and non-alcoholic to drink. I do drink alcohol, but moderation in all things is key, and it's easier to, well, take it easy, when you can sip something fancy and tasty that isn't another alcoholic drink.

    It's getting to be spiced cider season soon, which has me pretty excited. Also, I went to a party recently that had fizzy non-alcoholic punch that was amazing!

  6. Yes it is just about spiced cider season! (best time of the year) It's cool that the one party had the punch, even if a person does drink alcohol, like you said, it's good to have options you can drink all night!

    (I've god my eyes out for a punchbowl set too, I wonder what was in the fizzy punch?)

  7. I know that it had frozen canned Five Alive (a juice mix) and soda or some kind of soda pop? But also something else I can't remember. Definitely not gourmet, but very sweet.

    A friend of mine likes Shirley Temples, which (as I'm sure you know) is just grenadine and 7-up or Sprite. I'm fond of just getting a lime wedge in club soda or tonic. And most bars don't charge you for "virgin" drinks!



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