Thursday, March 24, 2011

Knotted Lavender

I love lavender! I love the grayish green leaves, and the tall purple flowers that wave about in the Summer breeze. I love the way it smells (and the way it tastes!) and as an avid crafter with long project commitment issues I love making tiny lavender bags!

After running into some knotted  tassels on the V&A website a little bit back, I decided to pick up and work on a new knotting project. I wasn't feeling quite up to a large set of cushions or chair covers etc just yet, but could just about handle a cute embroidered lavender bag.

For centuries ladies have kept pretty little lavender sachets in their dresser drawers to keep everything smelling fresh and delightful, so I figured what better quaintrelle project for a spot of knotting?

The design is a simple little bunch of lavender worked in 5 different types of knotted thread couched down onto an ivory aida fabric. The back is silk to add a touch of extra luxury and the first little fringe of tassels I had made were the exact right length to sew to the edges!

The knotting has been a nice way to keep my hands busy the past few weeks, and I was amazed how much I still have in my little work bag. I have another 3 balls of knotting and a yard long piece of rayon fly fringe from this latest knotting binge.(not sure what to do with all those pieces yet though)

With lavender season just around the corner I'm hoping our two lavender bushes will grow back as well as they did last year. For all you fellow gardeners and crafters out there I hope this might inspire you to make a few of these pretty little pouches of your own! I'd love to see what everyone else comes up with for lavender bag projects!

[For more knotting info I have a tutorial and brief explanation over on the main site here. I've been meaning to update the knotting tutorial for a while now and should hopefully have a more comprehensive piece up soon]


  1. It looks easy and makes me want to try it. :)) I've gone mad trying to learn knitting but until now I'm having a hard time doing the purl. I'll try this soon! ♥ It'll put my yarns in to good use! ^_^ Thanks for sharing! :))

  2. That bag is so adorable! <3 If I ever have time, I want to try to learn knotting.

  3. really love this...very pretty!!i too need to learn knotting!love the smell of lavender it is so calming... my mum makes the best lavender teacake..



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