Friday, December 3, 2010

Vintage In My Supermarket!

Red is the color we most often associate with vintage fashion, but sometimes it's nice to shake it up with something a bit different. I find a good orange or pink a fun departure from fire engine red when it's time for a change. The other day I struck lucky on all color counts, and at the grocery store of all places!

I was out food shopping, and got stopped in my tracks by a rather bright vintage looking Jessica Biel, mimicking a 1952 photo of Dorian Leigh just next to her. Kinda like a magpie I was drawn right in (food stuffs be damned!)

It was the display for Revlon's re-launch of it's Fire and Ice red color which was super popular in the 50's along with 3 other retrorific shades! The collection has 4 lipsticks and 4 nail polishes. To add a little extra vintage charm they even went back to the old 50's script for the branding on the cases!

I picked up a couple of the nail polishes. Since I already have a few great reds, and a lovely muted pink (seen in an earlier post), I just got the Siren (orangy color) and Temptress (fuchsia) colors.  The bottles look super cute on my vintage style vanity, and the colors are a nice cream finish which is perfect for a retro manicure!

So far I haven't caved in on the lipsticks because the nail polishes go great with my Besame lipsticks in Carmine and Exotic Pink (now discontinued but we still have a few over at Candy Violet). I'm something of a Besame devote so it would take a lot to tear me away from them.

The Fire and Ice relaunch was a  few weeks back, but since I'm not a big cosmetics shopper it was news to me!


  1. When I think 40s-60s vintage, I really think bright rich jewel tones, like ruby red (as you mentioned) topaz, emerald, sapphire and amethyst.

  2. I love the first ad, it's totally gorgeous, not to mention timeless!!

    I found your blog on Va-Voom Vintage's link up and i'm your newest follower :)

  3. Ah so nice to meet you! I love your blog! so many pretty things!That first ad is so lovely isn't it? I'd kill for an outfit like that 9and the chance to wear it)



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