Monday, September 13, 2010

Hand in Glove

Summers round DC are hot, like "this is your brain on drugs" hot, and this Summer has been especially hot. I have to admit when it comes to quaintrelle elegance 100°F temperatures don't lend themselves well to the snappiest of styles. The good news is the recent cooler days have put me in a mind for Autumn, which brings me to a recent style obsession of mine, gloves! For centuries no well dressed lady was stepping out without a pair of crisp clean coordinating gloves!

I've started building up a wardrobe of gloves recently. The goal is to have the perfect pair for every occasion and every dress! My trip to Nashville a couple of weeks back started me off with a few treasures! A superb ceder wood glove box with a kind of art deco feel (hand made by a Mennonite community close my in laws house), an early 1960's corsage (ok not gloves, but put it on the right wrist band and it's working with the gloves!) and 2 pairs of 50's gloves. The short beige ones are a super soft faux leather, and the longer pair go right up to the elbow with little claw set rhinestones. I've added to these my sweet little Dents crochet gloves. The goal is to start wearing them as a wardrobe staple in daily life. they look great, and so far are fun to collect!


  1. They are all very lovely, especially the white gloves with rhinestones!

    I hope that you enjoyed The Golden Age of Couture exhibit, I know that I did!

  2. I really did! I would have camped out there with it for the duration of the exhibition if I could!

    It was an amazing set of displays wasn't it? and so big!

  3. It was!
    I had so many favorites!
    The Pierre Balmain, the Unicorn brooch, the advertising fan, the Virginia Lachasse doll, Tuileries cocktail dress, and the light blue(?) and white striped dress that I did not catch the name of.
    The fact that they had the interesting videos to watch along with the exhibit was also nice!

  4. Those are gorgeous! Such a coincidence, I was just looking up new old stock gloves online the other day. Do you happen to know if glove sizes have changed over the years? I'm a current size S/7 but am wondering if that means I'm a 50's-60's glove S/7.

    I have to say, I've loved following your fashion evolution over the years. I check back on your site and LJ every few months. We both seem to have the same taste around the same time and your tips have always been so helpful!

  5. You know I'm not sure if sizes have changesd much. I think anything with a number is a measurement, so 7 is 7" around the hand just bellow the knuckles. I think the S/M/L might have changed a bit if a modern Small is a size 7 glove, I think the old smalls were a 6. I don't know if that's any help!? It's funny how style evolves isn't it?

  6. Oh! I'd love to see your glove collection when it get's going too!



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