Monday, March 15, 2010

Royal Tea

I love tea and I love my teacups! I'm still deciding which Marie Antoientte teacup to add to my collection, but the other day my latest teacup arrived and I was drinking like Queen Alexandra!

The design is based on moldings depicting the arts commissioned for Buckingham palace by Edward VII in 1902. The most interesting part of the design is an unusual pearl glaze pattern which has an effect just like guilloché enamel!

I'd been trying to cut down on teacups recently, but a baby blue cup featuring crowns, the arts and pearls was too much to resist.

I picked this up from the Royal Collection shop. They have a new Buckingham Palace design every year (this is the 2009 design) and it's a great place to pick up china fit for an English queen! Right now they have a set featuring the China pattern Queen Victoria purchased at the 1851 Great Exhibition!

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